Tabletop TopiaryTabletop TopiaryThe tabletop topiary frames are designed primarily for training vines, such as ivy. The vine should be trained to wind closely around the wire. If several vines are used, work each vine around the wire between the leaves of previously wrapped vines, so as not to crush them. You also should take care not to leave loops of vine extending from the wire.

This could result in a distorted shape, or you might accidentally cut the loops while trimming. In general, small-leafed ivies or vines should be used on the smallest frames, and larger-leafed plants on the larger frames. If a large leafed vine is used on a small frame, the shape can be lost. The table tops are excellent for beginners because they are easy to plant and quick to cover.

The tabletop topiaries are popular centerpieces for weddings and parties, and can be enhanced with decorative ribbons, bows, dried flowers, and so forth. The zoo rents planted tabletop topiaries for events in the local area.