Herbie the Topiary Dino This topiary Brontosaurus resides at the Garden of the Sun in Fresno
California. It was created for the Children’s garden, a part of the
demonstration garden maintained by Master Gardeners. Affectionately
named ‘Herbie’ because Brontosaurus are vegetative eaters, Herbie took
2 years to mature from 5 Olive trees. One was planted up each leg and
one up the tail. He’s 7′ tall and 7′ long! In the warm summer months a
banana tree grows just his height to munch on, to the delight of the
kids who visit.


Herbie the Topiary DinoMaster Gardener’s plant the topiary dino Herbie with 5 gallon
shrubs.One year later he’s growing well with branches all the way to
his head.




Herbie the Topiary DinoHerbie, the topiary dino, surrounded with flowers and a banana tree to
munch on.




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