Heart Topiary Frames With IvyPlanting an ivy topiary ring, or wreath, is the easiest of topiaries to make. The plant you choose to use on the frame should be proportionate to the size of topiary you’d like to make, the leaf size being very small if the frame is small. It the leaf is too large, the details of the topiary can be lost. Ivy (Hedera) is a perfect vine for many table top topiaries, and the species helix has many varieties to choose from. So for the wreath, we’ll choose Hedera helix “Shamrock’ a popular and pretty ivy. The leaves range from very small to 1 or 2inches, perfect for this size wreath. A 6″ potted ivy with several runners 12″ to 15” long will make a nice start for the wreath.

To begin, push the anchors of the wire ring into the soil so the posts are mostly buried with the ring and inch or so above the soil. (first illustration) Choose an ivy with several runners at least 12 inches long. Take the first runner and bring it to the middle of ring at the base and wrap in snugly around the wire. Do the same with the next vine but go in the opposite direction, which will help hold the previously wound ivy in place. Do this with all the runners, trying not to crush any leaves in the process.Wrap the vine so its threaded in between the leaves. Some ivy can be left at the base to flow over the sides of the pot if you like, or it can all be trimmed. As the plant grows, just keep winding around the frame until its as full as you like, then just trim the excess. Its as simple as that!


Ivy likes to be kept evenly moist, but not soggy. Wash the leaves frequently to discourage insects. Give it bright indirect light. Fertilize monthly.
Ivy wreaths can be dressed up for the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any season with ribbons, silk flowers and lights.