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Shipping charges are determined by location, and weight or size. The closer to central California, the less the shipping cost.

Many of our large items can be broken down to ship within the UPS size limits which is more economical than by truck line (except within CA). For example, the deer shown here is broken down twice at a cost of $25 per breakdown. Note the double rings, this is where the breakdown occurs and is bolted back together easily. This allows the 6 1/2' buck to ship in one UPS (oversize rate) box for whatever the UPS shipping cost is to that destination.

There are some variables, such as fitting several frames in one box, which we address on an individual basis.We are happy to provide this information at your request. We can give you a quote once we know what you're interested in, and what your location is. We promise to work toward finding the most reasonable method of shipping.

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